Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is ZertaFaucet?
    ZertaFaucet is a free rewards site where you can earn bitcoin by claiming faucet and visiting shortlinks.
  • What is Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is decentralized digital form of cash and uses the Internet to send coins between adresses.
  • How can I get my wallet?
    To send/receive Bitcoin you need a wallet. You can create one at Once you have created your wallet, create an account in and link your Bitcoin address to faucetpay.
  • Can I open multiple accounts?
    It is strictly prohibited to use multi accounts. Also using proxy, VPN, VPS and other methods such as automated software and browser extensions creating fake traffic is not allowed. We will ban all accounts violating these rules.
  • I want to change my Bitcoin address
    There is no possibility to do that, sorry.
  • How can I generate income on this site?
    You can earn free Bitcoin every 5 minutes from our free Faucet. Also, you can visit shortlinks and join the weekly referral and point contests to earn more, and you can also increase your revenue by inviting your friends using your special affiliate URL.
  • Which payment processor does the site support?
    We use micropayment to send payouts. If you don't have a account you must create it firstly.
  • What is the minimum for withdrawal?
    100 satoshis. No fees.
  • How can I withdraw my earnings?
    You can withdraw Bitcoin in any moment when you reach the minimum payout, only go to "My Acount" and click in "withdraw funds" button.
  • Do you have referral program?
    Yes, you will get 20% of your referred users commissions.
  • Where can I find my referral link?
    You can find your affiliate link in "My account" and promo materials in the Banner page.
  • The site supports another cryptocurrency apart from Bitcoin
    No, the site only supports Bitcoin.
  • I have more questions
    If you have more questions feel free to use our contact form here.